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Semester abroad in Bali

16 weeks - Equivalent to 30 ECTS credits

We welcome students from around the world to come and study with us in the beautiful island of Bali. Our programs in English are based on courses offered in our 4 year Bachelor degree in Applied Tourism. The programs are available to both local and international students who have completed at least one year of undergraduate studies.

About the program

This program aims to give students from around the world an opportunity to develop skills and insight into the rapidly growing tourism industry around the world with a special focus on Bali. The growth of tourism poses both opportunities and threats to the local community and the environment. Students will through research and fieldworks get ample opportunity to learn from best and worst practices in one of the most popular island destinations in the world. Right here in Bali.

The program is developed on a theoretical framework, but which also includes field trips and reflection on examples from the many forms of tourism offered in Bali. The program  consist of 24 SKS(Credits) across the courses listed below. 

In Indonesia 20 - 24 Credits(SKS) is considered a full semester load. This is similar to credit wight in Australia, which again is equivalent to 30 ECTS in Europe, 12 - 15 Credits in the US. Each Credit requires a minimum of 8 contact hours(50 minutes) with a professors.

The international program in hotel, tourism and business is developed base on established courses and curriculum within the Bachelors degree in Applied Tourism.​